Here are a few of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis

Q: How Long have you been in business?

A: Crouse Body Shop was established in 1978 and has been providing complete auto repair services including Body, Paint, Mechanical and towing services, all under one roof and at the same location.

Q: What cars and trucks do you repair?

A: Crouse Body Shop is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to repair any and all make and model vehicles to original pre-accident condition in the shortest time possible. Our busy shop requires us to do quality repairs in the quickest turn around time so you can be driving your car without undue delays.

Q:What about insurance?

A: We work with all insurance companies. Also, our highly trained and experienced staff strive to assist you in the most friendly and professional manner to take some of the stress out of a very tense situation. Your satisfaction and our reputation depend on this very important fact.

Q: My car has Body and Mechanical damages! Does my car have to be sent to other shops to complete the repair?

A: No. At Crouse Body Shop we employ certified Technicians for Body, Frame, Paint and Mechanical repairs all under one roof.

Q: Are the repairs guaranteed to manufacturer's specification?

A: Yes. All repairs done at Crouse Body Shop are guaranteed for the life of vehicle, and all technical repairs and replacement parts are installed per factory specification.

Q: How long would I be without my vehicle?

A: Most repairs at Crouse Body Shop will be done in the shortest period of time possible, based on availability of all parts needed to complete the repair and how extensive the damage.

Q: What About Leased Vehicle repairs?

A: Our certified repairs and replacement parts guarantees you the return of your vehicle after your lease term expires with no problem.

Q: My insurance only covers the minimum rental fee per day. Would I have to pay more out of pocket to rent a car?

A: No. We work with major car rental agencies in the area so we can assist you in getting a late model vehicle at the same rate your insurance company allows.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Check out our contact page!

Q: Do you do Frame Straightening?

A: We use a Computerized Measuring system to assess and correct any Frame and Structural damages caused by accident.

Q: What about Parts and Labor?

A: All repair and installation of replacement parts are done by Certified Technicians per factory specification.

Q: I need Towing! Can you get my vehicle?

A: We have in house towing 24/7 to tow your vehicle hassle free. Simply call (574) 269-3339

Q: My car broke down. Can you fix it?

A: We have a Certified Mechanic on duty six days a week for any mechanical repairs needed.

Q: I need to drive for work. How long will repairs take?

A: That all depends on how bad the damage is and the availability of replacement parts. Otherwise, we strive to get your car repaired in the shortest time possible.